Mrs. Koets' 1st Grade Class

First Grade News

At home learning is in full swing!

It sounds like many of you are doing a good job finding a daily routine. Keeping a schedule helps everyone!

Here are a few "Schedule options"....

  • READING (out loud and silently)
  • MATH fact practice through 20
  • HANDWRITING  ( messages/notes/letters to family, mail them or tape them around your house)
  • SINGING some familiar songs
  • Telling jokes... laughter is essential
  • Checking on our Eagle family... write about what you observe
  • WRITING, journal about this "season" of first grade, what you do, how you feel
  • BRAIN  GYM exercises that you know and can  teach your family
  • QUIET time
  • BUSY playtime!
Set aside a few times each week for:

  • Walks together to enjoy signs of spring
  • Arts and crafts ( great "directed drawing" online... we like those at school, too!)
  • Science experiments
I'll be sending messages through our REMIND app to give reminders, add fun things to do, updates on our website....

Take care, be safe, stay healthy.... I miss you!!! Sending lots of hugs!!!!

Here are some district links for you....